Law Office Of Robert E. Long III, L.L.C.

 Criminal Law             (937) 603-8646    (phone)

 Attorney Robert E. Long III has the experience to defend you, protect your   rights, advocate on your behalf, and guide you through the criminal justice   system. 


 Attorney Robert E. Long III is a part-time Assistant Public Defender

 with the Shelby County Public Defender Office in Sidney, Ohio; 

 and a former Assistant  Prosecuting Attorney with the Miami County   Prosecutor's Office in Troy, Ohio.  


 Attorney Robert Long handles the following types of criminal law cases:








Family Law

 Attorney Robert E. Long III can handle all aspects of a person's family law needs,   including the following:




Shared Parenting


Child Support

Spousal Support

Property Division

Debt Division

Modification of Prior Court Orders  /  Contempt Motions

Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders

Civil Stalking Protection Orders  



 Attorney Robert Long represents creditors in debt collection cases.  If you are owed   money and would like to attempt to collect a debt, then Attorney Robert Long

 will meet with you to learn the facts and issues of your particular situation. 

 Attorney Robert Long can draft demand letters, file a lawsuit on your behalf,

 represent you at court hearings, conduct debtors examinations, and handle

 garnishment hearings.    



Law Office of Robert E. Long III, L.L.C.

1225 West Main Street

Troy, Ohio 45373

(937) 603-8646








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